How do I get veXPOLAR?

When you provide liquidity into a Polaris DEX pool, you take out an ERC-20 token we call a "vote-escrow XPOLAR", or veXPOLAR for short.

You will need to have XPOLAR, SPOLAR or pNEAR to invest in the SPOLAR/XPOLAR/pNEAR LP. You can deposit a single asset, which will incur some price impact, or you can deposit both assets in the correct weights. You will receive LP which you can then time lock here to receive veXPOLAR.

The length of time the LP is locked corresponds to how much veXPOLAR you'll get. veXPOLAR is a function of time and asset. 1 veXPOLAR equals 1 LP locked for 52 weeks. Where a 1 week lock of 1 LP will give 1/52 veXPOLAR.

Can I transfer LP or veXPOLAR?

Yes, you can transfer LPs. Rewards will accrue in the wallet where they are held.

veXPOLAR is a non-standard ERC-20 token and cannot be transferred.

Do veXPOLAR holders receive a portion of the protocol fees?

Yes. 30% of all collected Protocol Fees are paid out to veXPOLAR holders in the form of direct fee flows or incentives for voting on pools that generate flows through the DAO.

How are the protocol fees paid?

veXPOLAR holders receive protocol fees distributed in USDC and XPOLAR.

When are incentives paid?

Incentives are now accrued each block. Protocol fees are distributed on a weekly basis.

How do I extend my veXPOLAR lock up?

Go to the veXPOLAR site, see "Lock until" , click "+", choose the time desired, and confirm.

Is the veXPOLAR gauge vote on-chain, and does it require gas fees?

Yes, gauge votes are on-chain and will cost a gas fee. They can be cast in the Polaris DEX dAPP. Other governance decisions (i.e. approving new gauges) are for now added based on community requests.

There is a weekly vote for veXPOLAR holders which ends at 00:00 UTC on Thursdays. If the same pools will be selected each epoch, no additional vote, transaction, or gas is needed. veXPOLAR holders only have to vote once, unless they want to change their allocation.

How do I make a pool eligible for gauge voting?

You can create pool and let us know on our Discord.

Does veXPOLAR support Gnosis Safe?

It's normal for vote escrowed (ve) systems to not allow arbitrary contracts to lock as otherwise it's easy to tokenize the ve tokens which defeats the point if the tokenomics of said derivitive does not require appropriate locking. Users can lock up veXPOLAR from an EOA and delegate it to your Gnosis Safe to earn boosts. Entities interested in making a large investment in veXPOLAR may appeal to governance to have a multisig whitelisted for veXPOLAR participation.

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