ORBITAL Gen. & Launch

Everything about Genesis Pools & Launch for $ORBITAL.

Genesis Pools has ENDED!

Genesis pools will start earning rewards on 04.06.2022 14:00 UTC. In the first 24hrs of launch 3 $ORBITAL tokens will be released to pool stakers. There will be 7 Genesis pools > $BTC, $SPOLAR, SPOLAR/NEAR LP, POLAR/NEAR LP, ETHERNAL/ETH LP, POLAR/stNEAR LP and TRIPOLAR/xTRI LP. These pools will be up for the whole 24hrs. Allocations were calculated based on TVL in each pool before start of the Genesis >

  • BTC > 50% Allocation

  • SPOLAR > 25% Allocation

  • SPOLAR/NEAR LP > 9.2% Allocation

  • POLAR/NEAR LP > 7.4% Allocation

  • ETHERNAL/ETH LP > 6.96% Allocation

  • POLAR/stNEAR > 1.2% Allocation

  • TRIPOLAR/xTRI > 0.24% Allocation

There will be 1% deposit fee on wBTC pool , all the other pools WON'T have deposit fee. Deposit fee will go into the Protocol DAO, because our community demanded some anti-whale system for this Genesis. Every $ from deposit fee given to DAO will be used to build protocol owned liquidity for ORBITAL/wBTC pool, we will not take a single penny!


Total ORBITAL tokens: 3

Earn and SUNRISE launch

New pool ORBITAL/wBTC will be added to Earn on 04.06.2022 16:00 UTC and you can start making ORBITAL/wBTC LP in Earn to earn $SPOLAR and stake $SPOLAR in SUNRISE to earn $POLAR, $ETHERNAL, $ORBITAL or $TRIPOLAR.


1. What is $ORBITAL?

$ORBITAL is another algo. token which is going to be part of our Polaris Finance ecosystem. It will be pegged to 1 $BTC on Aurora blockchain and the concept is very same as $POLAR, $ETHERNAL and $TRIPOLAR.

2. Wen genesis, Wen launch?!

Genesis pools will open on 04.06.2022 14:00 UTC and ORBITAL/wBTC LP will start 04.06.2022 16:00 UTC. Sunrise for $ORBITAL will launch on 05.06.2022 14:00 UTC. Polaris team will seed initial liquidity for ORBITAL/wBTC. Exact amout will be private until deployment of the pool to avoid snipers.

3. If $ORBITAL is another pegged token, will there be another token like $SPOLAR for it?

NO! Everything remains the same and that means we will just add $ORBITAL Sunrise where you can stake your $SPOLAR to farm $ORBITAL.

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