Moving Assets and Liquidity to the new PolarisDEX

Instructions on how to move your Assets and LPs to the new Polaris Finance DEX.

1.) Go to the or depending on where are your assets staked.

2.) Withdraw all your assets / LPs from the pools.

3.) For the next steps, we will be using POLAR/NEAR as example LP and how to move it to the new Polaris Finance DEX.

4.) Go to the, select POLAR as the first token and NEAR as the second token (same goes for USDC/USP, ETH/ETHERNAL etc.). Then click on the Manage button.

5.) Click on the Remove button

6.) Click on the MAX button to put your maximum amount of liquidity you own.

7.) Click on Approve, Sign the TX in Metamask and click on Remove.

8.) Click on Confirm and Sing the TX in Metamask

9.) Go to the new Polaris Finance DEX and wrap your NEAR to pNEAR. You can skip this step in case of the other LPs as you don't need to wrap those tokens.

10.) Go to the new Polaris Finance DEX Earn and choose the pNEAR-POLAR pool.

11.) Click on Invest

12.) Click on Optimize

13.) Click on Preview, Approve both tokens (in this case pNEAR and POLAR). Then click on Invest and sign the TX of adding both tokens to the pool.

14.) Go back to the pNEAR/POLAR pool page and click on Approve in Staking incentives section. Then sign the TX in Metamask.

15.) After Approving the TX, Approve button will change to Stake button. Click on the Stake button, put MAX number of your LP and click on Confirm.

Congratulations! You successfully migrated your LP positions to the new Polaris Finance DEX and started farming XPOLAR.

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