Moving from Solana to Aurora

Instructions on how to move SOL from Solana to Aurora blockchain.

Bridging (not to be confused with swapping), is the process of moving a token from one chain to the other. Bridging is almost instant (couple of minutes), however if Solana is overloaded it can take a while.

1.) Go here > 2.) Make sure your Source blockchain is Solana and your Destination blockchain is Aurora. Select SOL as your asset to bridge and then click on Connect wallet.

3.) Put your EVM address as a destination and amount of SOL you want to bridge to Aurora. Then click on Send.

4.) Make sure your EVM destination address is correct and check all the boxes. Then click I understand.

5.) Approve the TX in your Solana Wallet and wait until the TX finishes.

6.) Now you need to connect your destination wallet to withdraw the bridged SOL to your EVM wallet (most likely MetaMask).

7.) After connecting your EVM wallet, click on the Receive button and Approve the TX in your EVM wallet.

Congratulations! You successfully bridged your SOL from the Solana blockchain to the Aurora blockchain and you can participate in providing liquidity!

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