LUNAR Gen. & Launch

Everything about Genesis Pools & Launch for $LUNAR.

Genesis Pools has ENDED!

Genesis pools will start earning rewards on 20.03.2022 14:00 UTC. In the first 24hrs of launch 700 $LUNAR tokens will be released to pool stakers. There are 6 Genesis pools > $LUNA, POLAR/NEAR LP, SPOLAR/NEAR LP, $SPOLAR, $POLAR and $PBOND. These pools will be up for the whole 24hrs. Allocations will be as follows >

  • LUNA > 50% Allocation > 350 $LUNAR > 1% Deposit Fee

  • POLAR/NEAR LP > 20% Allocation > 140 $LUNAR > 0% Deposit Fee

  • SPOLAR/NEAR LP > 10% Allocation > 70 $LUNAR > 0% Deposit Fee

  • SPOLAR > 10% Allocation > 70 $LUNAR > 0% Deposit Fee

  • POLAR > 5% Allocation > 35 $LUNAR > 0% Deposit Fee

  • PBOND > 5% Allocation > 35 $LUNAR > 0% Deposit Fee


Total LUNAR tokens: 700

Earn and SUNRISE launch

New pool LUNAR/LUNA will be added to Earn on 21.03.2022 14:00 UTC and you can start making LUNAR/LUNA LP in Earn to earn $SPOLAR and stake $SPOLAR in SUNRISE to earn $POLAR or $LUNAR.


1. What is $LUNAR?

$LUNAR is another algo. token which is going to be part of our Polaris Finance ecosystem. It will be pegged to 1 $LUNA on Aurora blockchain and the concept is very same as $POLAR.

2. If $LUNAR is another pegged token, will there be another token like $SPOLAR for it?

NO! And that is what's awesome about our project. $LUNAR is NOT a L2/V2 of $POLAR. $LUNAR is an expansion of our Polaris Finance ecosystem and it will have the very same and only share token $SPOLAR that will control inflation and expansion of both $POLAR & $LUNAR. We are the very first and only project that uses only 1 Share token for multiple pegged assets!

3. So how it will work?

After $LUNAR launch, there will be only 1 Sunrise but 2 pools in it. You will need only $SPOLAR to farm both $POLAR and $LUNAR, but you will need to choose which one you want to farm and relocate your $SPOLAR from one pool to another and vice versa.

For example > I have $SPOLAR in pool for $POLAR and $POLAR will fall under the peg, that means $SPOLAR printer for $POLAR will stop printing, meantime $LUNAR is above peg and Sunrise for $LUNAR is printing > You can take your $SPOLAR from $POLAR printer and put in $LUNAR printer to print $LUNAR when he's above peg. $SPOLAR will be our ONE TO RULE THEM ALL Shares token.

4. Why you decided to innovate your project like that?

We think - in general - that Shares token should had an extended utility a long time ago. As we can see at another forks, when pegged token falls below peg then Shares token losses its utility and starts dumping. We believe that with extended utility it is not going to happen to our Ecosystem because you can easily relocate you $SPOLAR to another pools.

5. I'm so excited! Wen genesis, Wen launch?!

Genesis pools will open 20.03.2022 14:00 UTC and regular farms starts 21.03.2022 14:00. Sunrise for $LUNAR will launch at the same time as LUNA/LUNAR LP, because there is already enough $SPOLAR in circulation and there is no need to push epochs. After initial liquidity is deployed there is only 1 $LUNAR & 1 $LUNA in liquidity pool. Bots and speculators can mess up with price and after genesis the price could be extremely volatile!

There will be 1% deposit fee on LUNA pool , all the other pools WON'T have deposit fee. Deposit fee will go into the Protocol DAO, because our community demanded some anti-whale system for this Genesis. Every $ from deposit fee given to DAO will be used to build protocol owned liquidity for LUNA/LUNAR pool, we will not take a single penny!

6. Do I need $LUNA or $atLUNA?

You need to use this $LUNA’s contract address on Aurora: 0xC4bdd27c33ec7daa6fcfd8532ddB524Bf4038096 If you swap via Trisolaris, the ticker is $atLUNA If you swap via AuroraSwap, the ticker is $LUNA

FRIENDLY REMINDER We want to make sure that everyone understands that WE ARE NOT ABANDONING $POLAR. $LUNAR token IS NOT V2 nor L2 of our project. $LUNAR is our 2nd token and the very first step in expansion of our $POLAR and $SPOLAR ecosystem!

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