POLAR Gen. & Launch

Everything about Genesis Pools & Launch for $POLAR.

Genesis Pools has ENDED!

Genesis pools will start earning rewards on 17.02.2022 14:00 UTC. In the first 24hrs of launch 4000 $POLAR tokens will be released to pool stakers. There are 5 Genesis pools > $wNEAR, $AURORA, $USDC, $atUST and $atLUNA. These pools will be up for the whole 24hrs. Allocations will be as follows >

  • wNEAR > 40% Allocation > 1600 $POLAR

  • AURORA > 15% Allocation > 600 $POLAR

  • USDC > 15% Allocation > 600 $POLAR

  • atUST > 15% Allocation > 600 $POLAR

  • atLUNA > 15% Allocation > 600 $POLAR

Pools: wNEAR, AURORA, USDC, atUST and atLUNA

Total POLAR tokens: 4000

Contract: PolarGenesisRewardPool

Earn and SUNRISE launch

Earn and SUNRISE will start right after Genesis end (18.02.2022 14:00 UTC) and you can start making POLAR/NEAR and SPOLAR/NEAR LPs in Earn to earn $SPOLAR and stake $SPOLAR in SUNRISE to earn $POLAR. At the same time we will also open POLAR/NEAR pool where you can earn $POLAR and this pool will be running for 9days. This pool will distribute the remaining reward supply of $POLAR. A total of 10000 $POLAR will be distributed linearly across the week >

  • 2000 $POLAR first day

  • 1000 $POLAR per day for remaining 8 days


Total POLAR tokens: 10000

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