MetaStable Pools


MetaStable Pools are an extension of Stable Pools that contain tokens with known exchange rates. MetaStable Pools use Stable Math in conjunction with this known exchange rate. They are great for tokens with highly correlated, but not pegged, prices.

Trades between correlated but non-pegged tokens

Pegged tokens such as different stablecoins representing US Dollars or groups of tokens that all track pNEAR are well suited for Stable Pools.

Correlated but Non-Pegged tokens are often (but not always) base tokens and their derivatives. For example, stNEAR/pNEAR (Staked NEAR on Meta Pool Liquid Staking) have a very strong correlation. stNEAR allows users to earn validating rewards without running a full node or locking up NEAR on a validating node and appreciates relative to NEAR.

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