Pools are the fundamental building blocks of Polaris Finance; they are smart contracts that define how traders can swap between tokens on Polaris Finance.

What makes Polaris Finance pools unique from those of other protocols is their limitless flexibility. While other exchanges have pools with constrained parameters, Polaris Finance can accommodate pools of any composition and underlying math, thanks to the Balancer v2 mechanisms.

Pools At A Glance

Weighted Pools

Designed for general cases, including tokens that don't necessarily have price correlation (ex. USDC/ETH).

Stable Pools

Ideal for soft-pegged tokens with strong correlation (ex. DAI/USDC/USDT).

MetaStable Pools

Built for non-pegged tokens that maintain correlation but may slowly diverge over time, such as derivatives (ex. stNEAR).

Boosted Pools

Boosted Pools are designed to facilitate trades between stablecoins while simultaneously forwarding much of the pool's liquidity to external protocols

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