Polaris Finance

Moving from Solana to Aurora

Instructions on how to move your assets from Solana to Aurora blockchain.
Bridging (not to be confused with swapping), is the process of moving a token from one chain to the other. This process requires 2 transactions, depositing the token onto Allbridge, if Allbridge has enough liquidity, then it will transfer the token to your destination chain into your wallet.
Because the transactions are done 2 chains, this could take 10min ~ 24 hours depending on the traffic.
To move your funds from SOLANA to Aurora use Allbridge > https://app.allbridge.io/
To swap your funds on Aurora blockchain use https://www.trisolaris.io/#/swap or https://swap.auroraswap.net/#/swap To swap your STABLE funds on Aurora blockchain use https://stable.auroraswap.net/ or https://app.rose.fi/#/