Polaris Finance

How to buy our pegged assets

Instructions on how to buy $POLAR token
Before you are able to buy our pegged assets, you first need to add Aurora blockchain to MetaMask and transfer assets (for example trough bridge).
Now that you succeeded in adding Aurora to your MetaMask wallet and getting some funds there, please go to Trisolaris, go to Swap and swap your funds for our pegged assets (POLAR/ETHERNAL/TRIPOLAR)
If pegged assets does not show up on the exchange, please use the address provided below to purchase $POLAR / $ETHERNAL / $TRIPOLAR. Simply copy/paste the address.
$POLAR: 0xf0f3b9Eee32b1F490A4b8720cf6F005d4aE9eA86 $ETHERNAL: 0x17cbd9C274e90C537790C51b4015a65cD015497e $TRIPOLAR: 0x60527a2751A827ec0Adf861EfcAcbf111587d748
Congratulations, you are now a happy $POLAR / $ETHERNAL / $TRIPOLAR holder.